just exactly What would you see within my child which makes you wish to marry her?

just exactly What would you see within my child which makes you wish to marry her?

You wish to understand like her looks, her taste in fashion or a shared love of a particular sports team that he is drawn to your daughter’s inner character traits (such as integrity, generosity, kindness and loyalty) over shallow or superficial things. You intend to understand that he values your daughter’s unique character faculties; her gift ideas and talents; her interests, fantasies and aspirations.

Make sure he understands that your daughter — since wonderful as she is — is not perfect, in which he ought to know that from the beginning. You wish to make sure he values their differences and views just just just how their specific talents and weaknesses complement one another.

Do you agree with core values and big aspirations?

Exactly what are the man’s many essential values? Does he value honesty? Commitment? Generosity? Sacrifice? Do he as well as your daughter agree with the “big stuff, ” such as for instance kids, job objectives and so on? Do they both generally want the same things out of life? Ask if they’ve mentioned each other’s interests, hopes and goals for just what the near future might seem like. Make yes they’re both heading when you look at the direction that is same.

How will you want to economically help my child?

Biblically speaking, a guy must certanly be in a position to help and offer for their family members (1 Timothy 5:8). So that as your daughter’s very first protector, your debt it to both of them to have a feeling of the fledgling couple’s monetary landscape.