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We show you the best internet monitoring software and services on the market. Spiceworks is a completely free network monitoring software that provides real-time updates on servers, switches, and IP devices.

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You can Internet Explorer 11 query individual nodes on the network to get instant status reports containing live data. Those device-specific pages contain easy-to-follow graphics and the whole dashboard can be accessed from any computer on the network as well as tablets and smartphones. As your network probably contains equipment sourced from a range of manufacturers, you don’t want to be tied into a proprietary system for your LAN monitoring software. It is important to check that the monitoring system that you buy is compatible with all of the networking equipment you already have.

A great benefit of SNMP is that it uses very little bandwidth, so your monitoring with this suite will not slow the network down. The dashboard of the Paessler system is a great user interface that includes graphs, charts, and dials to give you instant information on the overall status of your network.

Nagios is an open-source network monitoring solution that can monitor the network for issues like crashed servers. Zabbix is a completely free and open-source network monitoring software.

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Although wireless networks are not officially part of the definition of “LAN,” getting a monitor that can also include your wifi router is also a good option to look out for. StatusCake is another online service for monitoring internet service. This tool will check on the performance of a website and identify whether the problem is due to the internet service, a troubled hop on the route, the webserver, or services and applications that support the site. Keep track of outages and poor delivery speeds on your website to head off problems quickly.

LogicMonitor is a cloud-based monitoring platform with features like fast deployment and event monitoring. WhatsUp Gold will give you visibility over the status and performance of applications, network devices, and servers. You will be able to view the network status from your iOS or Android devices. It provides network monitoring software which can provide real-time alerts and status for the devices. It works best for companies that need to monitor less than 25 devices.

You are allowed to monitor up to ten devices with the free OpManager. However, you still get the same level of system notification that users of the paid version get. This is built into all new network-compatibility hardware, so you will automatically be able to get real-time feedback on network activity from all of the devices connected to your network. Another common technology that underpins the OpManager system is the NetFlow traffic monitoring methodology.