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Rules of Custody & Visitation Orders In California

Rules of Custody & Visitation Orders In California

In California, either parent may have custody associated with the young kiddies, or even the moms and dads can share custody. The judge helps make the ultimate decision about custody and visitation but frequently will accept the arrangement (the parenting plan) that both moms and dads agree with. The judge will make a decision at a court hearing if the parents cannot agree. The judge will most likely maybe perhaps maybe not decide about custody and visitation until following the moms and dads have actually met by having a mediator from Family Court solutions.

Forms of custody sales

There’s two types of infant custody:

  • Appropriate custody, this means whom makes decisions that are important your kids (like medical care, education, and welfare), and
  • Real custody, which means that whom your children reside with.

Appropriate custody may be: