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13 What To Know About Vaginal Flavor

13 What To Know About Vaginal Flavor

Many vulva owners have already been taught that their vaginas are icky, gross, stinky, and strange.

Therefore, if you’re enthusiastic about changing the style of one’s vagina, understand this: a vagina that is healthyn’t taste like plants, a new summer time breeze, or vanilla. It tastes like vagina.

And that are sour or sweet, metallic, razor- razor- sharp or spiced, bitter or acid.

If the genital pH is disrupted, it may cause contamination like microbial vaginosis (BV), trichomoniasis, or an infection from yeast, that will cause your vagina to taste such as a vagina that is infected.

In other words, it might taste like bad seafood, spoiled meat, or matzah, for instance.

Treating and absolving the disease will absolve any uncommon tastes, and for that reason replace the taste of one’s bits a lot.

But when you have a healthy and balanced vagina, what you do in order to make your vagina flavor “better” is only going to have a rather minimal impact, claims Michael Ingber, MD, a board certified urologist and female pelvic medicine expert in the Center for Specialized Women’s wellness in nj-new jersey.

The most is where you are in your cycle in fact, Ingber says the thing that affects the taste of your vagina.